Recently I wanted to make cookies for my girls but I was too tired to start from scratch. I grabbed a thing of that refrigerated cookie dough that I remember eating raw in my college days and figured it would be fine in a pinch.

Oh man, was it horrible. Beyond horrible. Like two dozen cookies that went uneaten horrible.

Needless to say, I was skeptical when offered a chance to test drive the Immaculate Baking organic cookie dough but I’ll cut to the chase: Yum.

The dough is totally organic and free of preservatives and trans-fats so you can feel a little less guilty about not cracking your own egg in the bowl. And the result tastes good the next day too, and that’s saying something; we made quick work of the vanilla sugar and the peanut butter, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the other four flavors. Well, three of them at least (sorry oatmeal raisin).

I particularly love how supportive this little company is of the arts – each package is designed by a different American folk artist, with fun bits of trivia on the pack so kids have something to do until the buzzer goes off. Trust me, those ten minutes can be a long time when you’re smelling warm peanut butter cookies. –Liz

Just in time for the holidays, find Gingerbread Spice and Chocolate Peppermint Limited-Edition Holiday Cookies by the Immaculate Baking Company in your local supermarket.