Out of consideration for my post-baby figure, I rarely bake any more. It’s just one of the sacrifices I make in the name of vanity. But at holiday time, my no-bake resolution goes out the window (and takes my willpower right along with it).  Send me a recipe for anything involving butter and sugar, and I’ll whip the kitchen into a frenzy.

Naturally, the Holiday Recipe Cards from Ringo Baby–who we always love for their inventive cards and announcements–caught my eye. Your photo and greeting go on the front like any other holiday card but on the back, you can include a favorite recipe or pick one from Ringo Baby.

It makes these cards an ideal way to share your baking passions with those you love, especially when they can’t be there to sample them in person.

I’ve never seen cards like these before, but I’m hoping to find a few of them in my mailbox this December.  Start digging through your recipe box; I’ll send you my address. -Julie

Congratulations to Heather – lucky winner of the set of personalized Ringo Baby holiday cards!


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