Since I’ve got a house full of kids, it’s a safe bet that my holiday cards are going to feature photos of those kids.  But I still want those cards to reflect my taste–which means no cards with ice-skating penguins or dancing candy canes.

The holiday cards from fin + roe are just what I’m after.  With fresh, crisp designs and bright colors, the simplicity of these cards is what makes them so appealing to me.  I love the customization options–not just colors, but patterns too.  Plus, the customer service is out of this world, with personal design attention every step of the way.

So yes, I’ll send holiday cards with photos of my kids, just like everybody else.The difference is, mine look like I didn’t need any help from my kids picking them out. -Julie

10% off your order at fin + roe with code COOLMOM through 12/31/08


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