I am so excited that Lesser Evil, the cool little indie snack food company that is rocking my carb-craving world lately, has come out with a crate of Christmas Coal. And by coal I mean chunks of gourmet cocoa kettle corn. And by rocking I mean oh my lord, please get the samples out of my house before I end up having to go back to my fat jeans.

Good thing I can justify the indulgence since it’s free of transfats, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. That makes up for me being able to eat 16,000 boxes in a sitting, right?

The packaging is just fantastic (funny too) making it a great inexpensive hostess gift to keep around for impromptu invites. Or hand out the little bags of it to the kids instead of the tired green and red kisses. But only if they’ve been very very good this year. Or is it naughty? Hm.  –Liz

Congratulations to Lanna S, Lisa K, Lyndsay L, and Sarah R – each won a crate of Christmas Coal!