Being a novice knitter myself, I have a deep appreciation for the time and effort that goes into creating a pair of children’s mittens–a project I’ve yet to successfully complete.  Trouble is, even if I did manage to finish a pair, my daughter would complain of impending frostbite before she’d finished packing a single snowball.  Yarn by itself is no match for wet snow.

But the M’uppet Mittens by Zooni found at My Princess Closet have solved that problem quite nicely.  These hand-knitted and crocheted deep purple mittens adorned with lavender posies are lined in cozy fleece.  I love how they combine gorgeous handiwork with kid-friendly functionality and a design that’s feminine without being over-the-top girly.

Because frankly, mittens that are too dainty for packing snowballs aren’t much use around here. -Julie

Congratulations to Shari M, winner of the mittens pictured above!


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