One of the best things about feelgood design’s PLAY + SOFT line of 
kids’ furniture is that it is so cool-looking, I wouldn’t want to hide
it in the playroom or in one of the kids’ bedrooms. One of the worst things is that that their stuff is cooler than any of
the furniture I have in my home.

Made from their own soft, eco-friendly material in a bunch of fun colors, PLAY + SOFT elevates the lowly play mat or kid-size chair
to “Whoa”. I want to collapse on the softly rolling waves of Sandscape
or sit with my kids on the versatile Openclose Mat.  But I know my
kids’ would flip, literally, for Molecule 3 (shown).

This is one hands-on company, so they actually talk with their
customers to recommend what products will best fit the available space
and needs of the kids–and to review budget, of course. Take a look at
their website and you may find yourself mentally clearing out your
living room to create an entire 3D landscape. –Christina


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