Let’s pretend I’m having another baby, and as long as we’re pretending, let’s pretend I had a budget transplant! Okay?

So we’re pretending, and I’m heading over to tiny Décor for a couple of the notNeutral Tetra 2 changing table/dressers, plus a few goodies from CMP faves like Mod Mom toyboxes and Avalisa wall art so my baby will have the coolest nursery anywhere. And the Hi Mr. Oak Tree pillow is so sweet and contemporary, it’ll look right at home in my imaginary nursery.

All the tiny Décor textiles are handmade here in the USA with organic and natural materials, and their stunning furniture is selected from manufacturers who share their vision of eco-friendly style

Will being this kind of stylish treehugger clash with my new imaginary budget? I hope not. -Mir

Use code COOLMOM20  to save 20% off all Tiny Décor Brand decorative pillows, floor cushions, curtain panels, felt buckets, growth charts, and really great Christmas stockings through 12/31/08


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