When we first started Cool Mom Picks, there was definitely a wave of rock ‘n roll themed stuff for kids. This year, it was all about organics. So it was only a matter of time before it all came together into some sort of cool, organic, rocking…something or other.

Well that something or other happens to be Lulu’s Rock Star Baby Organics which makes the shampoos and conditioners that have been gracing our bathtub rim as of late. Scents like paparazzi lime and tangerine limousine sound a little silly but they’re actually far more subtle than your average “hey, lets make kids smell like a fruit salad” hair care line. And they’re naturally gentle, as opposed to the no tear shampoos which actually use a numbing agent so your kids won’t feel the burn. Eek.

There’s actually something ironic in the idea of a chemical-free rock star, huh. Let’s just go with it.. –Liz


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