Organic cotton baby clothes - navy dress
Whether you’ve got kids with sensitive skin, or you’re just not into dealing with the chemical processes that even the regular 100% cotton clothes go through, then it’s nice to know that you’ve got lots of eco-friendly kids’ clothing options to get you through the holidays and beyond.

Take the gorgeous offerings at eco-boutique Pure and Little. We love the adorable 100% organic twill boys’ oxford shirt  for special occasions, and I’m dying over their organic knit dresses like the dress from Egg Baby by Susan Lazar shown here. It’s not only beautiful but also color grown, meaning completely dye-free.

Do these cute kids’ clothes look like they were made on some farm out of hemp? Nope. Tell that to the cynics who roll their eyes at your eco ways. -Kristen

Super cute organic clothes for kids available at Pure and Little.


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