We’re very pleased once again to present our editors’ top picks for 2008. It’s a tough thing we must say – with literally hundreds to choose from (and trust us, we love them all) narrowing down is no small feat. But narrow we did. Each day we’ll present a new category right through to New Year’s, starting with today:

Our favorite jewelry and bags

Kristen: I truly covet every one of Jeanine Payer’s lovely pieces of jewelry which combine artistry and storytelling.

Amy Tavern Wire Bracelet

Liz: I am constantly inspired by the jewelry from Amy Tavern, from her affordable signature pieces to her collectible studio work.

Fleurville Diaper Bag with Gingko Pattern

Kristen: Fleurville handily creates the diaper bags that I’d rather carry than some of my favorite non sippie-toting handbags.

Recycled Cotton Reusable Shopping Bag

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2008

Liz: This was easily the year of the eco-tote, but none made me all, “Yeah! Tote bags!” quite like the recycled totes from Joy by Mel Lim. There’s nothing remotely hippie about it.