If you’re looking for a special baby gift – I’m talking reeeeally special – we’ve just found a designer who can absolutely give that blue box store a run for its money.

I am totally swooning over the outstanding children’s collection from San Francisco jewelry artist Jeanine Payer. Not to drop names or anything, but I can see why Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank are fans. You too will be smitten with the beautiful metalwork and the charming hand-engraved J.M. Barrie or Shakespearean quotes that adorns the pieces. (Seriously, who doesn’t like J.M. Barrie quotes?)

Any new mom would flip to receive the Skylar or Ryan bracelets on delicate French velvet, but true traditionalists will adore the classic Robin Cuff or the old-fashioned sterling feeding spoon. Whichever you love, the gift packaging is stunning, the silverwork is spectacular, and you remain known as the awesome gift giver that indeed you are.

Man, if only I could rewind time and get back to all of those people who asked us what we wanted for our second daughter. My stupid answer: "Um, nothing really." Duh. –Liz

Congrats to lucky bracelet winner Shannon F


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