Online Baby Book from KeepabooThe brand new Keepaboo has created the perfect solution for disorganized mothers of three like me– you know, the ones who can’t get it together enough to fill out a whole baby book by hand, but who don’t want to forget the milestones. Or worse, hand over a few dozen CDs worth of pictures to our grown children and be like, “Here’s your childhood, kid!”

Now I can document all of those precious details online in custom “books,” where I can include the information I want and lose what I don’t. (Beats blank pages in the traditional baby books, that’s for sure.) You can track the baby’s growth with interactive charts, upload photos, write down the firsts, even journal a little if you’re not a blogger. Then you can share your baby books online with your nearest and dearest (it’s all password protected), and soon you can order hardcover copies as keepsakes or grandparents’ gifts.

While you can tweak a few design details like color schemes and backgrounds, don’t expect many bells and whistles (or scary gingham bows); the genius of Keepaboo is its simplicity.  And these days, I can use all the simplicity I can get.

Oh and also? It’s free. I can use that too. -Julie

The free online baby book is available through Keepaboo