Baby bath product gift set
It took three tries, but I’ve finally got a baby who has enjoyed his bath right from the very start. Although his enthusiasm is such that I practically have to wear a rain slicker while bathing him, it also makes it pretty fun to try out baby bath products–with his help, of course.

The new Baby Silk baby bath products gift sets from our friends the MD Moms combine some of our all-time favorite products of theirs into perfect shower gifts. Not only will the chic packaging stand out, the products in each of the three gift sets are a cut above. I love them for their gentle cleansing, high quality natural ingredients, and light scents which don’t overpower that natural baby deliciousness.  Plus each set comes packaged beautifully in a keepsake box.

The liquid baby powder alone is so luxurious that I’d put it on my own rear end. Now there’s an idea, MD Moms: Matching gift sets for the mom-to-be. -Julie

The Baby Silk Gift Sets at MD Moms make great gifts for new moms and dads (not to mention yourself).

Congratulations to lucky winner Christina W, who’ll receive the Spaaah Baby Gift Set!

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