Soft counting book for kids
Soft books are so great for little kids, but the content generally leaves much to be desired. I’m not even kidding: we have one where the entire book is like, Good night bunny, good night puppy, good night kitty. The end. You can imagine how psyched I am to read that one every night.

Recently, a friend turned me onto an amazing Counting Stories Cloth Book that takes kids’ soft books to a new level. Think a fabric book meets Colorforms, where each beautifully embroidered page is filled with detachable felt characters and shapes that velcro back on. Kids learn how to count, gain manual dexterity skills, and best of all, create their own stories about the hopping frogs, the sleeping bunnies, or the fishing cat who evidently likes his tuna fresh.

Who needs good night kitty when you’ve got imagination –Liz

Counting Stories kids’ book available online at Appleseed Educational in the US, and Sense Toys in the UK.

[thanks, stephanie; photo via trevu toy library]

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