poladroidJust because they stopped making film for Polaroid cameras doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the now kitsch classic. We are totally digging on Poladroid, free downloadable software that gives your digital pics the same retro look of those instant pictures from your youth.

Drag a digital picture onto the camera icon and listen for the famous *click…zzzzz* The image pops up on the desktop, but just like real Polaroids, you have to wait a few minutes for it to fully develop. That’s half the fun. They even have a virtual shake option if you want the full experience.

Poladroid pictures are a great idea to use for cool birthday invites, baby announcements or even just to show your kids what they would look like if they were born in the 70’s.–Betsy

Download this free software faster than you can say “cheese” at Poladroid.

[via ohdeedoh]