Vanilla Spoons gift basketThose of us with food allergies in the family know the scary importance
of reading food labels. So does Jackie, a New England graphic artist turned mom of a son with celiac disease. She turned her years of obsessive label reading into a company called Vanilla Spoons that creates yummy, treat-filled gluten-free gift baskets.

All of her gourmet gift baskets have cheeky movie-themed names (“Mix and the City” anyone?) and are packed full of the types of
treats that most of us without food restrictions take for granted: Popcorn, chocolate, baking mixes, crackers. For Valentine’s Day, I
love the Close Encounters of the Sweet Kind basket which comes inside a reusable steel tub.

With treats like these, I’d imagine even the gluten eaters will be happy to partake. –Christina

Find these gluten-free gift baskets from Vanilla Spoons.

Place an order at Vanilla Spoons by February 5, 2009 and receive 15% discount with code COOLMOM at checkout.