white oxford
Every woman needs to one one perfect, crisp button-up shirt. And by perfect I mean it fits at the shoulders, the collar isn’t better suited to the Ringling Bros. wardrobe department, and your chest isn’t busting the buttons every time you inhale deeply.

Rebecca & Drew has just introduced a very cool custom made shirt for women that may be the next best thing to heading to a tailor for measurements. You specify the fabric, your chest size and cup size (!!) and whether you prefer the classic oxford shirt (or custom shirtdress) longer in length. You can also tell them your body shape, although are my curves “strong and confident” or “soft and smooth?” Geez, no idea. If there was a category for “jiggly and postpartum” it would have made things a little easier. –Liz

Find these custom women’s shirts at Rebecca and Drew online or at their NY or Houston stores
Also check out their custom monogramming option for a cool Valentine’s Day option.

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