joyababy eco-friendly bibs
I guess you could say that I’m the token eco-skeptic among the Cool Mom Picks writers.  Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, consider what this means: If it’s green and crunchy and I rave about it, then it really is spectacular.

That’s certainly the case with the new bgreen by joyababy Collection.  Of course, we’re already fans of joyababy founder and mom Joya Logue’s designs, so it’s not surprising that her new PVC-free line of bibs, blankets, and diaper clutches is just as gorgeous as everything else she has created.  With striking, sophisticated fabrics and mom-essential function, the bgreen collection is missing absolutely nothing.

Well, except those plastics and toxic coatings that we didn’t need anyway.  Good riddance. -Julie

Find the bgreen by joyababy collection at joyababy.

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