Mo Smells Red
Kids and dogs go together like red and Valentines Day, which is why I think the story book Mo Smells Red is such a cute gift for your little sweetheart. Not only will preschoolers love hearing about the adventures of Mo, a real life rescued stray, they’ll get a kick out of the “Press 2 Smell” feature which makes regular old scratch-and-sniff look passe.
Author Margaret Hyde and illustrator Amanda Giacomini had the good sense to make the things Mo sniffs delicious and yummy like roses and strawberries. (No, no raw liver or dried blood.) To release the smell of each, I just pushed a little padded packet embedded into the book.

So what does love smell like when Mo finds it at the end of the story? You’ll have to get the book and smell for yourself. –Christina

Find the kids’ book Mo Smells Red at Mo’s Nose Store or at Amazon.

Congratulations to lucky Mo’s Nose goody tote winner Hyon-hee G!

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