One month after Christmas, and I still have no idea where half of these toys are going. I definitely need The Toy Store by Oeuf, a brand new super three-level toy storage system that offers a nice modern alternative to plastic storage bins.

I love that the deep bins swivel forward so that even my four year old can reach the top shelf to put away his little toy cars. And, unlike some toy storage pieces that should never leave the light of a child’s bedroom, The Toy Store looks too cool to be hidden away.  In fact, once the kids have outgrown toys with a zillion pieces, I could see The Toy Store moving into the kitchen to hold fresh fruits and vegetables in their environmentally friendly, non-toxic bins.

Funny, but I bet I’ll miss those toys when that day comes. –Christina

Order The Toy Store toy storage shelf in either Natural Birch or Walnut Stain from Oeuf NYC.