iPhone Time-Out App for Parents
Okay, before you laugh, allow me to tell you why you totally want the Time-Out Application for your iPhone.

You can pre-program this iPhone App for up to four kids with associated time-out durations, and then– this is the beautiful part– you can run them concurrently. Or you can do what always seemed the norm in my house, which is send one kid to time-out and then five minutes later when they’re still there but the sibling has just taken advantage of the quiet to steal a cookie, you can start the second kid in time-out and totally still keep track of both of them. And you can cancel (shortened sentence for good behavior!) or start over from the beginning (extra minutes for howling in indignation) at the touch of a button.

I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this, haven’t I. -Mir

Get the Time-Out App from the Apple iTunes Store.


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