JJ Cole Tactic Changing Purse
I’ve seen my fair share of diaper clutches, but none like JJ Cole‘s new Tactic Changing Purse, a diaper changing pad that makes a smart new addition to their super line of parenting products.

Unlike the other diaper clutches I’ve used, the Tactic doesn’t fold out into a changing mat, but contains the mat within an easy-to-clean coated fabric bag that’s completely PVC and pthalate free. The zippered back pouch will fit a diaper, a modest wipes case, and a onesie or two (if you’ve got a tiny babe), and the adjustable strap allows you to strap it to your stroller or dangle it from your wrist.

If you loathe lugging around a gigantic diaper bag for just the essentials this purse-sized diaper clutch is definitely a stylish way to go. -Kristen

Vist the JJ Cole Collections website for the Tactic Changing Purse and other helpful baby products.

Congratulations to Lori, lucky winner of the cocoa tree Tactic Changing Purse!

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