Servo Bunk Bot plush robot toy
The other night, as my son crept into my bed, he hit me in the head with a

Thankfully, unlike the plastic trucks and action figures he has adopted as lovies in the past, this robot was a “crazy soft” Bunk Bot named Night-Vision Pinch. And that’s the point.

Pinch is one of several plush robots created by a brilliant Portland, Oregon product design engineer who saw
his sons cuddling up to hard, pointy robot toys and decided to make
something a little more sleep-friendly. I love that each of the ten gray fleece robots comes with a description of the job they did before they escaped from their factory.
And half of them have a red eye signifying that they someday plan to take over the world.

Of course this info did not concern my son who insisted I
immediately write his name on Pinch’s attached tag. I suppose this will
insure that Pinch be returned home after achieving world domination.  –Christina

Find the entire collection of Bunk Bots at Wizard Sleeve Toys. Bunk Bots are now sold at our affiliate Amazon too!

Congratulations to Bree, lucky winner of the Bunk Bot shown!


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