Nursery Know-It-All baby connoisseurs
When I was pregnant everyone was full of free advice, and you know the old saying: You get what you paid for.

(I’m not saying it was all bad, but I’m still not speaking to my cousin who told me slathering mayonnaise on my stomach would prevent stretch marks. Thanks Marcy.)

Enter Nursery Know-It-All, created by Kimberly Shore Levin, another promising entry in the growing baby concierge business. They’ve got different packages depending on your needs and can set up your nursery, help you track down a great doula, even help first-time expectant parents buy all the crap you need and return all the crap for you that you don’t.

Personally I would have opted for the Nursery 401 package which teaches the grandparents how to baby-proof their house. Step one, get rid of the cactus collection.–Betsy

Find an array of baby concierge services at Nursery Know-It-All.


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