k hall diffuser
I never thought I’d say this but I’m kind of over lavender room sprays. Especially for the nursery, I want something a little fresher and cleaner, not so sweet. And then I found the Milk fragrance from the environmentally responsible St Louis apothecary, K Hall Designs and thought YES, that’s exactly it.

The Milk scent is actually a light combo of coconut, vanilla and cream but trust me, it doesn’t smell at all like a shot you’d do on Spring Break (which is kind of how it sounds). If you’re not into spritzing the air around the babe, it also comes as a yummy vegetable wax candle and a reed diffuser (shown) all of which will nicely counteract particularly nasty diaper changes. –Liz

Find natural room fresheners and more at K Hall Designs and shops like Spring Home


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