Bag the Habit Reusable Grocery BagsI realize that there are about 400 different kinds of reusable grocery bags out there these days. But that just means you have 400 more opportunities to stop using disposable plastic or paper bags, right?

Well, let me present you with option 401– Bag the Habit. At first glance, it might look like a few other cloth shopping totes that you might have seen with stylish prints and nice solids, but this reusable bag, made with recycled polyester, also features padded handles, which I found to be super helpful. It also completely folds up into a mini snap pouch. And I promise. It really does fold back up to fit into the pouch. Or ball back up if you’re me.

Just one word of caution– make sure that if you use these reusable totes, you’re the one to empty the groceries out of the car. These bags look so nice that my husband just bypassed them and we ended up with three-day old stinky meat in our trunk. Nice. -Kristen

Visit Bag the Habit for a selection of smart reusable grocery totes and produce bags.