Plan Toys wooden baby walker
By my third child, I learned that once the walking starts, the trouble really begins. But unless I kept him in a playpen (like our mothers did with us, right?), I knew my kid would eventually start toddling around, using a chair as a makeshift walker.

The Wooden Baby Walker from the always wonderful Plan Toys is a much better option. Sturdier than its plastic counterparts, this walker also has an adjustable handle. So it doesn’t matter how tall your toddler-to-be might be– when he’s ready, this walker is too.  Plus, it’s filled with colored and natural wooden blocks, which further extends its useful life.

I found the walker rolls best on tile or wood, but given a toddler’s determination, I’m betting it could even handle carpet or asphalt. Shoot, I’d better invest in some baby gates too. -Julie

Find the Plan Toys Wooden Baby Walker at CMP fave Hazelnut Kids


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