Anka modern wooden high chair
We’ve always loved modern high chairs but they tend to be on the squint-your-eyes- as-you-hand-your-credit-card-over side of things. Even so, the cheap plastic versions aren’t a very appealing alternative when you consider the damage to the planet– and your home decor. (Sorry, but it’s true. Some of those things are heinous!)

So Svan, makers of the beloved Svan high chair, did the smart thing and came out with a more affordable modern high chair in the Anka.

Made from sustainable wood with kid-safe finishes and complete with a pba and phtalate-free washable tray, the Anka comes in at a very respectable $170-ish for a modern wooden high chair. But you’re not giving up much– this chair not only looks sleek, it folds up in a sec when you’re not using it, making it great for smaller kitchens or the grandparents’ house.

I love that you can start using the Anka high chair at six months, remove the tray to turn it into a booster, and adjust it to hold kids up to 50 lbs. Although frankly, if your kid is still in a high chair at 50 lbs, you might want to ease up on the french fries. –Liz

Find the Anka high chair at fantastic sale prices right now at albee baby or find a store near you.

Congratulations to Anka high chair winner Lori S!


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