Eco-friendly handmade children's slippers
Oh how I love the adorable children’s slippers from Satch and Sol. But more importantly, my daughters love them.

They don’t know that these soft slippers are handmade from felted wool and suede soles by a fair trade artisan cooperative. They don’t know that the company is super eco-friendly from the natural berry and wood dyes right down to the recycled packaging. They certainly don’t know that owner and mom Susan Bell goes so far as to pay for carbon offsets to cover overseas shipping and energy use.

What my daughters do know is that every night, the earth will stop spinning on its axis should they not wear their “flower slippers.”

I think the Satch & Sol slippers are terrific for toddlers and older kids who aren’t so fast to kick them off feet. Adults too. Good thing they make them in my size; according to my kids, I don’t know what I’m missing. – Liz

[thanks kate!]

Find fair trade kids’ slippers
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