Kosher, vegetarian gourmet marshmallowsSt Patrick’s day treats don’t exactly inspire me the way say, Halloween or Valentine’s Day treats do. And frankly, some of them just plain freak me out. (I’m looking at you, Shamrock Shake.) So leave it to our friends at The Nibble to point us towards a really cool idea: Green, gourmet marshmallows courtesy of mom-run Manna Mallows.

The Paddy’s Mint marshmallows are kosher and vegetarian (no pork gelatin!) flavored with natural mint and drizzled with Ghirardelli Chocolate, making them a nice light alternative to clover-shaped cookies covered in gloppy green frosting. Share them with the kids if you can manage it, or simply keep them to yourself and enjoy them with a glass of Bailey’s. Slàinte. –Liz

Find gourmet marshmallows for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond at Manna Mallows.

[via the nibble – thanks karen!]