Sleevless dress by More of Me modern maternity clothes
When I was pregnant, I was always amazed about how little I felt like myself. Yes, having babies is a beautiful, glorious thing, but darn if I didn’t feel like a beached whale stuffed in some boring tenty t-shirt. Oh how I longed to feel like former sexy(er) self.

I’m guessing that’s what inspired mom and designer Jessica Boulanger to create her More of Me Maternity line. Her sophisticated and amazingly comfortable maternity dresses are pieces I’d pick off the rack on any given day, baby in my belly or not. My personal fave, the “Take it to the Maxi,” incorporates two hot trends for this season (if you follow such things) without overdoing it. And thanks to the back panel and wide straps to cover the Big Mama Bra, you feel like you’re not literally showing more of you than you need.

If the price makes you fall over, rest assured that had I owned this dress when I was pregnant, I’d have worn it every day until it was able to waddle out the door by itself. That’s a fact. -Kristen

Make sure to check out the other gorgeous maternity dresses, plus maternity tank shirts at More of Me Maternity.

Congratulations to Melissa R, lucky winner of the dress pictured above!

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