Math games for kids - with pirates!My oldest is cursed with two parents are good at math. Yes it’s a curse, because while we can help her with her homework, we also tend to get frustrated at the drop of a hat: How can you NOT understand that? Guilty as charged.

So I was relieved that she took an instant liking to DreamBox Learning, a subscription online educational math game for K-2 that is above and beyond any other I’ve seen. DreamBox actually adjusts each lesson — the difficulty, the pacing, the
information provided to my daughter as she plays — based on her answers and
how long she takes to arrive at them. And the game manages to do this while she is playing. That makes it more
personalized even than a personal tutor, let alone an easily frustrated parent. Plus? Very cute graphics.

Other cool features of DreamBox are the progress report emails that you automatically receive when your child completes a math milestone and the Parent Dashboard where you can see which concepts your child is mastering — and which ones she’s still working on.

Or, just let her keep playing, like I did.  And then enjoy all the A+ math worksheets that will start coming home; I know I will. -Julie

Learn more about the DreamBox online math curriculum on their website