Divvies Easter BunnyMy daughter is allergic to milk, meaning her Easter basket
is usually filled with jelly beans and stickers while her siblings
chomp on those awesome chocolate bunnies. So this year, I’m planning ahead and ordering Divvies’ hand-poured, solid chocolate bunny. It looks like the ones most other kids get,
only this one has no trace of common food allergens like milk, peanuts,
tree nuts and eggs.

In fact, you’d never know there is anything
different about this bunny until you take a bite — in a good way. With a mouth full of
bunny ears right now, I can assure you that this rabbit
tastes even more rich and scrumptious than his milk-filled cousins. Looks like I’ve got something to add to the jellybeans this year. -Christina

Find this allergen-free, milk-free chocolate bunny at Divvies – but hurry! They’re going fast.