Caspar Babypants Here I Am! kids' CD
You know the indie pop band Presidents of the
United States of America? Well now lead singer Chris Ballew has an alter ego called Caspar Babypants, and he’s
replaced the more grown up alt-rock sound with a more folksy beat and
lyrics especially for tots on his debut album, Here I Am!

Creating memorable songs seems to come naturally to Ballew, who does just that on this kids’ album with the help of keyboard, guitar, and some fabulous guest singers. This CD is a
collection of fun and tender sing-along songs that parents can croon to
their own little ones.

I love original songs like “The Island Hop”, a song he made up for his
daughter while they packed for vacation; I can barely keep from doing a little
hula of my own when he sings the catchy “baby baby baby” lyrics. There are also a few traditional tunes with a twist, like “Three Blind Mice”
which adds a whole new set of adventures for those familiar rodents
(They all did the twist and the boogaloo, they rocked and they rolled
until half past two

So, yeah, I’m singing along with Caspar Babypants. But, with his voice and instruments accompanying me, I sound pretty good. –Christina

Find the Here I Am! kids’ music CD at Caspar Babypants’ website for only $10, and he’ll even autograph your copy!

Congratulations to Jessica K and Shirley Y, who each won a copy of Caspar Babypants’ CD Here I Am!

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