monkey backpack
Sometimes you want to donate to a good cause, and sometimes you want to buy cute stuff. And sometimes someone gets a fabulous idea like The Emancipation Network did, and they start selling cute stuff made by the very folks the profits go towards supporting–in this case, survivors of human trafficking. Then voila, the Made By Survivors Store is born.

It can be hard to really grasp the extent of human suffering still happening in the 21st century, especially when it comes to something like slavery, which we’d all love to believe is a thing of the past. I think this store is brilliant; your dollars make a real difference, and you come away feeling hopeful, and like you’ve played a small part in lives being changed.

eco-bags from made by survivors
I’m digging the animal backpacks (there’s also an elephant and a panda, if the monkey pictured here doesn’t float your boat). The block-printed napkins are beautiful, and the cool recycled rice bag clutches make a great inexpensive gift. And with a cause as worthy as this, well, you can’t help but do your part to stimulate the economy, right? -Mir

Find handmade jewelry, housewares, notecards, kids’ gifts and more at the Made By Survivors store.


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