ASPCA Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month
April is already a busy month with Easter, Passover and Earth Day on the brain, but
on Tuesday the 7th, I plan to go orange and help the ASPCA kick off Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month whatever way I can.

Sure, time and money are
tight right now, but I’m all for helping out an organization which
comes to the aid of so many animals in need. In fact, while I’m sit here with my 17-year-old cat purring on my lap, there are thousands of families
with financial situations so dire, they’re forced to give up their own beloved pets. So sad.

Having no idea how to go orange to raise awareness I found loads of great ideas on the
ASPCA website. I can simply dust off our orange
Halloween lights and hang them around our front door in partnership with all the other buildings going orange tomorrow, from the Empire State Building to San Francisco City Hall, to Graceland. You can also bake orange cookies or set up an orange-aid stand with the kids to raise money for local shelters. Or just contact one near you and find out what household items they need.

At minimum, I’m sure I have
clean blankets, towels and sheets that could be of more use to some puppies and kitties than to the back of our linen closet. In this case, every little bit really does help.  –Christina

Visit the ASPCA website to see how to help animals in your neighborhood. And if you’re lucky enough to live in New York City, Austin or Venice
Beach, contact your local ASPCA for all kinds of family-friendly events on Tuesday.


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