Lunch Money Dizzy kids' music CDListening to Molly, Jay and J.P. of Lunch Money sing about the
stuff of childhood makes me nostalgic for the days when spinning around
in a circle didn’t leave me feeling queasy. In fact, their new kids’ music album, Dizzy,
is an ode to all kinds of things kids love, like the zoo, giant cookies and
make-believe play. And, you have got to check out the
adorably-illustrated, fold-out CD cover with artwork from CMP fave
Brandon Reese.

Set against a happy indie rock beat with horns, keyboards, harmonica and even whistling accompaniment, Molly’s
distinctive voice is both pretty and strong. I love her clever lyrics like the
ones in the blues-inspired Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food which takes on everything from hummus (“you left my life a mess”) to gummies
(“you put a hex on my tummy”).
A song destined to be beloved
by all those under four feet tall is Tiny Dinosaurs which warns not to mess with them, or else they’ll
bite your knees.

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No wonder I can hear Molly smiling behind the microphone. –Christina

Buy your copy of the Dizzy children’s album at Lunch Money’s website, and Molly may even include a sticker or note as an extra thanks.

Congratulations to Jackie R, lucky winner of a copy of Dizzy!