Virgin Mary Plush Doll
The last thing we ever thought we’d be featuring on these pages is a a Virgin Mary softie, or an eco-friendly one at that, created by hand from eco-fi felt made completely from recycled water bottles. But the way we see it, some pewter statue of dubious origin just doesn’t really scream “love and forgiveness.”

completely adorable plush dolls are created in the likeness of
everyone’s favorite saints and feature their prayers on the back, you
know, just in case you didn’t listen in CCD. Hello, perfect Christening gift. We also love the Mother Theresa doll, but if you’ve been extra naughty, you might want to snag Saint Maria Goretti. Here’s hoping she’ll absolve me from all the Easter candy I am about to receive, for thy Bounty. Amen. -Kristen

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