One Tree board book for babies and kids This year for Earth
Day, instead of confusing my four year-old son with talk of his “carbon footprint,” I
plan to mark the day by sharing the four age-appropriate “Green Start” board books from Innovative Kids.

The adorable soy-based ink illustrations seem to pop off the thick brown
pages that are made almost entirely from recycled materials. I love the
smooth, substantial feel of these board books, which will withstand a
toddlers’ rough handling and a baby’s tendency to turn everything
into a teething toy.

Each Green Start kids’ book covers a different topic, like One Tree, which teaches why a single tree is so important to living creatures, or Baby Animals, which allows kids to have a ball
searching for the different babies in their habitats.
But the books’ eco-friendly teachings don’t end with the story — each title includes ways parents can bring the lessons to life. In other words, how to practice what I preach. Or read. -Christina

Find all four Green Start board books, Baby Animals, One Tree, In the Garden and The Five Senses, at Amazon.

Congratulations to Courtney C, winner of the Green Start board books!