Isabella Oliver maternity dress in blue
If you plan on leaving the house for any point of your 40 week pregnancy, you can’t just get away with nine months of stretch-waist yoga pants and Target maternity tees. Not that I didn’t try, mind you. I needed some clothes I could actually be seen wearing in board rooms and swanky(ish) parties from time to time, but it seemed so crazy to invest in a high 4-figure wardrobe with a shelf life of 6 months.

If I were to do it all over, my first retail stop would be InstyleBelly, a mom-run online consignment shop featuring gently worn designer and trendy maternity clothes.

The prices aren’t exactly Goodwill level – Right now I see a beautiful Isabella Oliver dress (shown here) that’s $105 down from $175; a gorgeous Liz Lange two-piece suit for $200; and a Japanese Weekend maternity wrap blouse for just $60 — a good price, but actually only $10 less than you can get the same wrap blouse new on sale new since it’s out of season anyway. Labels like Splendid and Velvet are of course a lot less. And the good news is, if no one grabs an item, the price is knocked down 25% the next month, and 50% after that.

It’s nice that you can shop by size, designer, or clothing type. Just um, don’t shop by “celebrity.” Unless you’re a really big Real Housewives of NYC fan. –Liz

Find designer maternity consignment at InstyleBelly – and if you’re done with the baby-making, consider becoming a consignor and making a little cash.

2010 Update – InstyleBelly is now called Belly and Babe and can be found at

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