Hip Violet Baby Bib with red elephantSince discovering so many fabulous baby bibs here, I’ve crossed over to the dark side and now I love dressing my daughter in them. Good thing too, since she’s teething and starting solids, making them more of a requirement, and less of an optional accessory.

On the top of my list are the lovely handmade baby bibs from Hip Violet, handcrafted by mom Jesi Josten. Combining fun fabrics and adorable fleece appliques, these sizable bibs will definitely keep baby’s clothes protected. And the fleece backing actually wicks away moisture and helps to keep drooly babies dry. Which really, isn’t that the point?  -Kristen

Find handmade bibs, hand-dyed cotton onesies and more at Hip Violet. Be sure to check out the personalized initial baby bibs.