Kokopax Baby CarrierCaring for three kids under four on my own for more days than I care to think about makes outings extremely difficult. And while I definitely make use of my double stroller, whipping that out while putting my youngest in a baby carrier is a dance I don’t often like to do.

Enter Kokopax, an amazing modern take on the traditional backpack baby carriers. You might think that a back carrier is not very versatile for all but
the most avid hikers. But the beauty of the Kokopax is that not only
can you get your baby or toddler on and off your back without
assistance, you can also set your child down on something other than the
ground. So it’s sort of like a baby carrier and a mini bouncy seat all in

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeHaving tried it out, it’s just as handy as the classic ones, but unlike the bulky back carriers I’ve seen at the die-hard outdoors shops, the Kokopax baby carriers are lighter weight, and far comfier for the baby — and you — thanks to a cotton canvas seat and thick hearty straps. Also wayyyy better looking. Let’s not underestimate the importance of that. -Kristen

Visit Kokopax to check out their selection of modern baby back carriers. And use code “cmpck2009” for 10% off your order!

Editor’s note: Kokopax is not recommended as a bouncy seat. With younger babies who can’t yet reach the ground, it can work (under adult supervision and at your own risk).