My First Organics seed starting kit
Last week, I used Earth Day as an opportunity to introduce my girls to the idea of being good to the planet and all that other stuff we’re supposed to do as (mostly) responsible moms. A week later, the organic heirloom tomatoes we planted from the My First Organics seed kit we received are just starting to sprout, and now the fun really begins.

The kits comes with everything you need to grow your own organic veggies, lettuce or herbs — just like the Obama girls! as I told my kids. Only we’re using our windowsill until we can transplant them to Grandma’s garden in the burbs.

The kids’ gardening kits come courtesy of Surf City Growers,
the brainchild of two really cool parents, which explains why the
directions are so wonderfully kid-friendly and even include crayon-ready illustrations to bring it all to life. Everything in the kit is totally biodegradable right down to the pots, which my comedian of a sigOth tried to convince my daughters were made of poop. They’re not. I think.

Of course in a few weeks will come the real test — seeing if my kids will actually eat the tomatoes they grew. If they do, I’ll be back to buy like 60 of these. –Liz

Find organic seeds kits for kids online at My First Organics and save 15% off all purchases with code COOLMOMS through 12/31/09 – except for the ebook for kids.That you can download free.


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