Star Wars cape
Last week my daughter had a playdate with a four-year-old friend and it blew my mind that he was drawing Darth Vader and Princess Leia figures on the sidewalk with chalk. (Actually, I was less blown away by the Princess Leia which was pretty easy with those big ovals where her ears might be.) It seems the next generation has discovered my generation’s sci-fi classic, and if you need any proof, check out the awesome child’s Star Wars cape at Little Dudes Only.

Also check out the number of boys in your kid’s school named Luke.

I totally love this cape which fits kids’ sizes 2-8, but one complaint would be that a Star Wars cape is not only for little dudes. I think my daughter would look just great in one with her very own paper towel roll lightsaber. –Liz

Find the kid’s Star Wars cape online at Little Dudes Only
and use code “picks” for 10% off your purchase

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