We haven’t spent too much time on christening dresses here, since most of them are just a little foofy for us. However we kindly invite you to have a proper drool over the gorgeousness we’ve recently discovered from Petits Fournier Children’s Design.

The Francine christening dress is made of hand-knit pima cotton sitting atop a silk skirt, and like all of the clothing from Petits Fournier it was made in Bolivia with Fair Trade practices. Find a nice little selection of it at Chasing Fireflies. The materials are  grown locally and sustainably, and the women who create them are not only earning income for their families, they’re being given access to medical care and children’s education they would not otherwise have. Their lives get better and you get gorgeous, hand-made togs–what a perfect combo for a Christening. -Mir

Get the Francine christening dress and other gorgeous fair trade creations from Fournier Children’s Design at Chasing Fireflies


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