Gnome note card from Paper SparrowConfession time. When I was a kid I was totally into gnomes, fairies and pixies. And, while my love for airborne nymphs has diminished, I still have a soft spot for the old, bearded, chubby forest dwellers.

I think that’s why I got all nostalgic when I saw these charming Gnome note cards from Paper Sparrow. Portland artist Andrea Courchene clearly has a knack for creating whimsical images in incredibly rich color combinations, which is why I like her Birdcage card and Lotus print cards too.

Each set of flat cards comes with matching stickers (Yay stickers! Another childhood obsession of mine) which means there is only one problem left with her cards–they’re so beautiful you might not want to send them.–Betsy

Find the Gnome note cards, and other beautiful cards and prints, over at Paper Sparrow.

Congratulations to Erin H, lucky winner of a set of Gnome note cards!