Bird collage from Smaller blogI love flipping through lifestyle magazines. The combination of the beautifully styled photographs, creative recipes and fresh ideas really inspire me. I guess that’s why I love Small Magazine and their new online blog, Smaller.

The free downloadable e-magazine was started a few years ago by Olivia Pintos-Lopez and Christine Visneau–a kids’ clothing designer herself who has been featured here–because they realized a lot of incredibly talented kid-oriented artists and designers were being overlooked by mainstream magazines. An idea we can totally relate to here, by the way.

The magazine comes out four times a year, but Smaller gives me a daily dose of “Wow!” whether it’s as simple as a breathtaking photograph, a fun dragonfly craft project (that I’ll still never be able to do), a collection of handmade brooches shown here, or a cool behind the scenes look at an upcoming fashion shoot.

My prediction: Smaller is going to be huge. -Betsy

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