Feeleez feelings gameAs a former therapist educator, I spent many a class period educating students about how there are no bad emotions. But as a parent of a preschooler, that concept, along with feelings in general, are a bit more difficult to explain — as any parent who’s ever uttered the words DO NOT HIT YOUR SISTER will agree.

Thanks to Feeleez, a feelings game that features 25 matching pairs of adorable illustrations, my daughter is on her way to learning about emotions and how to express them in a way that doesn’t involve finding herself in time out. Set the cards up like a memory-style game, play go-fish, or just use them as the impetus for a discussion about emotions in general.

The cards are made from recycled cardboard and printed on soy inks, but what I love most about Feeleez is that there are no labels on any of the feelings depicted. Just pictures that are open to your own kid’s interpretation. -Kristen

Visit the Feeleez website to purchase the Feeleez feelings game, along with other cool related products.