Sometimes when you walk into a friend’s house it looks like a furniture catalogue came to life. Not that there’s anything wrong with the couch to match the pillows to match the curtains, it’s just that I like design that says something about the owner’s personality.

These new peanut butter and jelly pillows from Diffraction Fiber are definitely for those with a sense of humor – or at least a chic playroom.They’re made of super snuggly eco-felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. (Although honestly it’s great for the environment but not so great if you have a dog.)

I also loved the Ctrl, Alt, Del set which would be perfect for my techie hubby and the more subdued but still adorable Blue Bird pillow. Best of all, they’re machine washable, just in case your kid actually gets some real PB & J on them. -Betsy

Find the peanut butter and jelly pillows at the Diffraction Fiber etsy shop


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