Recycled plastic kids' furniture - indoor / outdoor
If only there was a way to make children’s furniture stylish enough for your taste, but durable enough that you can drag it outside for birthday parties and spring playdates. If only there was a way to make that furniture from recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles, so you could justify the fact that it costs more than your average kids’ table and chair set at Target.

Oh, wait — there is. notNeutral teamed up with Loll DESIGNS to do all of the above, and the result is the fabulous looking BBO2 line of kids’ tables and chairs. It’s all recycled high density polyethylene, or HDPE, which means it’s taking a load off the landfills, while still claiming to hold up nicely under the elements.

Unfortunately, it starts at $180 for a single recycled plastic chair, which means I may have to stick with slightly less eco-friendly furniture until I find a more lottery-winning-friendly lifestyle. But I’m working on it. -Mir

Get your eco-friendly kids’ furniture from BBO2 at notNeutral.

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